Digital Central Review: The future of reading centers

   20 Sep. 2022

  10am US EST


If you have conducted an imaging based clinical study in recent years, you are aware of the impact that this process has in your clinical trial, how to execute such complex processes on time, on budget, and following the highest standards in quality.

Imaging trials are challenging, with the increasing combination of both automated quantitative image processing tool and the manual image review by expert radiologists. Data workflow in a clinical trial is often fragmented, with several manual steps, increasing the changes of error and delays. As regulatory dynamics shift and technology advances to a more global use of technology (Decentralized Clinical Trials), the opportunity is here to streamline reading processes and extract the most value from the data.
In this webinar, we will discuss and have a deep dive on how technology can streamline central imaging in a clinical trial, combining both fully automated AI-based image processing with manual/semi-manual central imaging review workflows.

Key Learnings


Change of imaging review paradigms. How things changed over the last years?


Digital transformation of Sponsors, CROs, Imaging Core Labs and reading centers


Elemental features of a Central Review solution


Short demo of our Central Imaging & Review features



Vesna Prchkovska, PhD.
CEO and co-founder, QMENTA


Paulo Rodrigues, Ph.D.
CTO and co-founder, QMENTA

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