Digital RANO for Enhanced Neuro-Oncology Evaluation

Glioblastoma trials encounter significant challenges in response assessment. Our secure online platform streamlines the process of uploading imaging data and facilitates digital RANO evaluations remotely. 


Innovating Clinical Trials for Enhanced Prognosis

The RANO tool streamlines the process for users to conduct and collaborate on longitudinal neuro-oncology assessments, making it easier to monitor tumor progression in patients. Utilizing the power of cloud computing and our secure Imaging Hub, trials can be conducted efficiently and in compliance with regulations. Our advanced classification algorithm ensures data is stored effectively, enriching and supporting your research studies while organizing your data seamlessly.


Manage your oncology trial effortlessly with QMENTA's Imaging Hub, accessible from any browser and customizable to fit your requirements


Easy and secure access

Access your study with robust security and two-factor authentication.


Flexible and scalable

Custom-designed workflow, adaptable for studies of any size.


Decentralized Collaboration

Enable seamless collaborative data analysis across multiple centers.



Includes AI-assisted tumor segmentation pre-reads to accelerate your analysis.


Centralized cloud

Monitor the entire process through a centralized database.


Automated calculations

Automated tumor progression volume calculations on subjects.


"Setting up a project is very simple. The guys from QMENTA will handle all of the selection of server and the data that will be used to store your data. It's browser based and it's not locked by location."  

"QMENTA really provided an excellent one-stop shop if you like, to put different clinical imaging data with a smart uploader, with real-time protocol adherence and de-identification that could be used both for humans central review, adjudication, test-retest, also open the door to any AI machine learning imaging biomarkers and crucially for the imaging management system to allow feedback through APIs to other systems (...) And it's flexible and customizable."  

Gerry-ThompsonGerry Thompson, FRCR PhD.
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology & Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist

Digital Precision in Oncology: Unveiling the Digital RANO Tool


Join us for an enlightening on demand webinar featuring Dr. Gerry Thompson, FRCR, PhD, a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology and Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist from the University of Edinburgh. In this video, Dr. Thompson showcase the remarkable capabilities of our collaborative digital RANO assessment tool.


Gerry Thompson, FRCR PhD.
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology & Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist

Result-driven technology

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