Join us at ISMRM & ISMRT 2024

May 04 – 09, 2024

Booth A35 | Singapore

Join us at ISMRM 2024 in Singapore, from May 4th to 9th, at our booth to explore the forefront of neuroimaging with QMENTA. Our team is excited to share our deep expertise in neuroimaging, advanced data management techniques, and the cutting-edge training of algorithms. Learn how our innovative solutions are setting new standards in neuroimaging research and clinical applications by harnessing the power of AI. Discover the future of neuroimaging with QMENTA at ISMRM 2024. We look forward to seeing you in Singapore!


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Meet Our Team at ISMRM & ISMRT 2024


Kire Trivodaliev

Senior Director of Operations

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Tommy Boshkovski, PhD

Applied Neuroimaging Research Scientist

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Óscar Peña-Nogales, PhD

Applied Neuroimaging Research Scientist 

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We can't wait to see you at ISMRM & ISMRT 2024!